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elaine stritch. even enjoyed it and said the watchman's are. coming from the. winter is that. can you hear me. diminish the handsomest and. remember free brags that it was all about the british my to bring back five hundred factories are going to export our way back into a g.d.p.
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rocket ship and take on the world cool britannia go britannia well it turns out they're all going to be picking fruit out there in canada very shy or. gone through our roundup of the great fights of the two thousand and eighteen free for all cope here in russia and i'm delighted to be joined by former aston villa teammate an australian international bosnich as we analyze the likely stuff before the tournament and says the vital knockout rounds but first here's a look at only action from around moscow this wake. up call it will show stars come to the russian football museum to look at russia
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and has contributed to the beautiful game in this free food world cup i'm also praising the show plus a full picture of the brawl collection a huge collection of much more insured for a single corpse over the last few sixty years that's going to. this is no place for manchester city no place in seville yet to lose against spain july tenth two thousand and seven johannesburg this was born in the face for world cup final. and we have yet to know about that was worn does it again which mall famous by calling the famous. brazil cates i don't think so and when you go among a lot tougher here's where it seems to be paying off you can say now is off to show you. will cope and your part.
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so he's assured that i know very well because one of my three england caps which i treasure was in this case study back and will be so noisy noisy ice and there's a lot of controversy played against all i can tell you that i got sent off after lashing out at the i go see me only g.i. joe see me on the net he's outlets come and take money just back in the i call you know i call me yeah. it's pretty incredible journey for russian football the last thirty years straight . through the soviet union right there why you so we early knowing she's been several nations left and becoming the commonwealth of independent study and i can chose this flight from manchester united and everton he played for the soviet union and the plight in that same the commonwealth of independent states now christ. no
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bad just lesser quite incredible transition from the soviet union to about. so we've seen all of the shirts and yes the brazils great ones even when these great ones and finally the soviet union will die russia to die by the house of the faithful will go but told him it's the start point because. the south we have very privileged to be in the parade her you are going out for the welcome but by a group called luck they pull us. they pull over to try to pull back the funds but they've also force a shine but what does a shaman tell us what a shame windows should we feel if this were not true that story as we call in the
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motifs and then disappear from many centuries back from sensitive once in the macho culture way before they make us think this conference center for the much conference since it was so so i played football for a long time in the incident and i have at the moment a very very bad achilles tendon can you help me piece ok i will doing what do you want to do tell me what you want me to do on tonight they please let's go i'm standing here you want. to fix. i'm very scared never push i mean before the right.
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place and gentlemen place. this coverage of my kids ten devices that are this great thank you. many good kids besides the memory for it. so it's quite credible pawprints squares the flip through. a full color for now you could think over time marking the context of old times counterattack some of the fun. well you know. we.
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keep. calm all right how our since you don't. write. software here we free choice to my least a quite incredible feats built rule really price out of so i told all the white crawl from tokyo japan tokyo japan the voice. of the world cup but what reason would you get on a boy you can buy a whole life from tokyo although i see where you write some money for charity was it just before and was it to challenge yourself when titles. say i've got some time my cousins claim to still is so it's nice do you think jackson over really so you could well be able to catch him in again this fall quitting we watched the first two designed to smile but sochi was too far to get
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a few months to catch up with him yeah i would like to have been present with all the players so tell me what what did the ring choke you went from tokyo where did you take in their encounters we hung around mt and then down to the coast of fiji along the coast but that's where we had to separate bill for a little bit like bill last thing that you can talk for a while why would you believe yeah my fight broke out so i can simply train rice yeah so you went through me where in the trying to where it all got picked some place bloke in the wrong staging and he took me up to kyoto so i won't in socal in kilometers miles whatever currency used to do you did you might wish he was ok here now five thousand kilometers and more and we reckon you know you go east funtastic just. enjoy the rest of you saw misery for local people should silence you to say there was a courageous. welcome piece about people coming from all over the world to enjoy this beautiful kind of.
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way friends simply will be. here in front of the great fire in the world cup let me jump across a concrete lumbee a when the world calls yes oh well actually i know where i explained to may well you may because we had the best players and it was.
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remember when the political left stood up for free speech and equality for all in public life remember when the mainstream media called for the same the tone and tenor of political discourse appears to be the turning point if you don't agree
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with the left you face insults harassment and even. a friendship is very valuable and very competitive so so far we go through these something simply to be competent also as a footballer and therefore we know from that when we come back to the national team we brits own this knowledge and skill and we can perform better.
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and sort of see played golf. welcome back one old to the stan collymore show way up high of the old red square was a view that is but malke yes there is only one place to stalls. the group stages of the. germany they were here last year is confederations cup champions with a very young team they come here as overwhelming favorites. the first time it's
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happened since the one nine hundred thirty s. why well basically i think what's happened is and we've seen this in the last three well cops champions have gone out in the first round now whether or not it's a little bit of complacency. i think in every country they have a team to really look up to whether they be the former winners or golden generation or something like that and something happens during that time where it's a bit too much attention where they need a new voice from somebody else will be a lot of pressure that comes on. he resigns or does he stay on sometimes and you said this to me before a different voice is very very important but i had a really good friend of mine who went to watch me in saudi arabia and he turned around and said you know i would not be surprised they get they get knocked out in the first round he was one hundred percent right we saw the controversial non-selection and i think that's what we had. one of the plays of the season for manchester city in the english premier league. goals travelling with the ball very well everything that you many haven't drawn the suggestion was that you can live to
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play the game like. does that mean. look at me might be looking for any money well that's exactly right and that's what it comes down to luck he said because when you want to block anyone any major time you know yourself being in a football do come into it that actual non-selection told me something that you know they went from two thousand when they didn't qualify for the first time ever in a european champion for the next round they come last in that group they revamp the whole of their football i thought of looking at other places and they saw the result in that in the last world cup when they won it this type of attitude and all that stuff as well with some of the players taking pictures with the president all that type of stuff it was very if you say. it and that's something they're going to really look at and it does the manager and a lot of people turn around and say ok it's the manager what about the players but that's the man who takes the blame. and the credit for when things go well video assistant referee. five more. interaction on.
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anything else we presented with the coverage the live coverage and we see the referee we see the players we see the fans we see these four or five. of it's a very popular gallery are you a fan of it yet penalties good know. all your thoughts on this new technology and how to push forward i'm a fan of it. we've had it for the whole season now there's just one thing that i need to be change in my opinion the wording of it has to be a clear and obvious error i think is getting everybody in trouble because you're asking officials then to judge is it a clear and obvious error is it just an error or is it something that's not really you've got the full of the penalty against australia for france to greece and goes through we have to look at about five or six times under that protocol that's not a penalty i actually thought it was a penalty but on the protocol it's not then you've got harry in the opening game. a lot of roof exactly house and i think that is clear and obvious but they decide not
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to go if you just take that out and put era i think it actually makes it easier because then it's an error they've got it doesn't have to be clear and obvious to judge somebody to judge where his clear and obvious to me is too difficult to judge as it is anyway and we saw today in the game with senegal and colombia the house had difficulties to judge anyway. and i think it is better for the game on people saying we've had more penalties in this tournament then we haven't had but bottom line is if it's a palace a foul and the big games then you know you know we're talking about a lot of time if somebody doesn't get the right decision you don't want to tell the line. why should continue not just in champion's legs and legs around the world what is the difference is it just a case of more correct decisions but in my own. referee blows the whistle to give a penalty it's proven no pressure comes on the referee. tell us what the fans.
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who have been victims of decisions every. problem but had to have to live with for the rest of it could have been different game changing decisions make a huge bearing. the legs of ninety six. have they feel and i have to live with that. that wouldn't happen i mean. basically just make sure that those things do not happen and anything that i say that's wrong with it is that's a clear and obvious it is an era it's an era and that's it then it's up to the referee if he doesn't have a look at it a lot of people don't realize that they will tell the referee and. he goes and looks at it to make the decision. important for this country of one hundred forty six million people the world's biggest couldn't treat. a natural football contrary to. the night. that was
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a wonderful historical reasons with nelson mandela and everything was going on but we saw the disappointment in the host country. confederations cup we thought well this. is going to be really difficult one of the best before. i can do is beat who's in front of them now the law. of sorry. i've been absolutely fantastic they're going to be very difficult. because. i. want to. that we would say. eve of the world. is going to be your friend oh he arrow. in
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the spanish federation. hasn't affected them greatly but could affect them like your own when they get better i think and i don't think they've been quite themselves. as one of the best games in world cup history not just in this tournament will copy history but still that's one of those games that spain and a la easy expect them to win so i'm in a lot. struggle i think this is a real opportunity for russia playing on hunts soil to actually do either one of the big boys and. europe why first goals strikers win trophies and i think of on a. partnership. they've been absolutely fantastic and a lot of people realise as well that same year ago one of the few things that won the whole three games but. not to concede to go now to their manager went to a three five. and one of these. events as
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a young boy very very young and he benefited from that having a lot more numbers in midfield and i think that they're. in a way because although they want to twice before no one's talked about them before the tournament that they can go on that will have a plan in store for every game they play and we know what fees competitors they have a wonderful. madrid game is under a little bit of cloud with rangers but. when you've got structures like that stand you know when you have struck. you so you can win games on there and you've got a chance as long as you keep the top the back having. a french speaking nations as well. in france belgium. in the final going to go through. the french went through a draw in the group again. strengths and weaknesses and. i have to say in terms of talk about champion players play you can really find many
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weaknesses i think if you look at it. right now. is the fact is that killer instinct. when it really matters and that will be that will be one question that. speaks very well. i would expect. maintaining the england can be. a big nineteen. or could face england i think this england team now look a lot of people be saying you know changes with lost that game of taking away the momentum but the bottom line is if you're being a real realist that side of the draw in my opinion is an easier route and when i
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say things he's going to be. and i think all the way i really do. a lot of people turn around and say yeah but i guess test against belgium you know basically we lost one nil but once again a change can be colombia and the place we'd be very very difficult game from as well. to get to the semifinals and come up against croatia. to go back brazil i would guess germany. if you like a little white here that brazil might well be one of the favorites. but again haven't really what we'd expect particularly from a brazil team. yet very much looked at had a fantastic record on didn't. humanities i think the very last one game and all the times that he's taken very very professionally like he said like a lot of you have a big favorites haven't really set this will cup a lot. like france have probably
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like germany intended to but basically sort of if you like to start off a little bit slow and now to build up they are not going to be easy for him we saw how mexico defeated germany and i was a little bit concerned about their performance against sweden and would be an easy game for them but i think brazil now you can expect them to go up again. because i truly believe that the real five years now for the top of funny balls always win is true that right. who have been the stall to eat in the first two weeks of the talk about three and i'll get to the winner at the end bronze medal have to say. absolutely fantastic even though. you didn't win the game i thought that would be fantastic number two silver medal mexico but you just said. fantastic. all of them in the last. fifty five thousand of them there are people that have sold their houses from this country to come here would approve or an absolutely
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magnificent i had never seen this time it was forty thousand. five minutes whatever you want to call it and the words that i was saying i was asking this boy next to me you know and to translate so proud and so happy to be at a world cup for the first time in thirty six years and in my opinion very very unfortunate i don't think that think that the third best buy's team in that group actually think that they should have gone through wonderful wonderful tournament for peru and what they did is that korea very very good wonderful managing director as well so i'm going to give them number one prize so. the creature unfortunately not only that he's still for grabs that famous gold trophy. will be with us for the reminder of the tournament to give us a view on the free full cup stay with us you will not miss a thing the cola the fines the passion. and the point of trick that.
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originally thought is drastic to get our citizens taking care of our cars just days i have a feeling you could function most of them from a completely different guise i would just. as now that. the problem is that we kind of how they stayed within the state they call a nice meal in this non part of sweden. time when i get on the computer government check out am no no but in case not so stop stop stop stop for a bit to no good my culture is crisp country and we don't do things right and
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we will tell you if you do then we hate you and someday hopefully you can do something about the stuff. we cannot be naive about this cannot attract more gangsters rapists and these words actually that are tearing down this city we want sleeping to be a sea of this country and we want a new look of the people who live here not to go back. when i was chose seemed wrong but old roles just don't call. me lol. get to shape out this day to come to etiquette and engagement because the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. she stood up for common ground. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox customs a place all the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. opposite because it is from his office the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like they can sew and modigliani a can't boards and sold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet strict but also discreet because they concern fraud. and some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets
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a kept inside the geneva freeport says reflection that you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousands is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution two to crack the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we hear. spilling you know to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took. invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other calls that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. twenty
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eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goal people. but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure come out you have to be the center of the problem. and do a great. get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. alone. and i'm really happy to join. us for. this special one come on both appreciate me to the radio. latest edition as we
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go. look. up headlines here in our nine hours of tense deliberation e.u. leaders have reached an agreement on the migrant crisis including the setting up of special migrant centers on the speeding up of the extradition process. a prominent us to unteach child abuse campaign a nobel peace prize nominee has been arrested by the f.b.i. on allegations of paedophilia. tries to foster a nation of patriotic european making it compulsory for primary school children to learn both the country's national anthem and the e use ode to joy. also the group stage of the twenty eighteen world cup in russia is over now only sixteen teams remain.


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